Do you know the application of T-bolts with joint bolts?

Asia Pacific live bolt

Swivel bolts are also called eye bolts, refined eye bolts, with a smooth spherical surface and high thread accuracy. Swivel bolts are widely used in: low temperature and high pressure valves, pressure pipelines, fluid engineering, oil drilling equipment, oil field equipment and other fields. They are often used in disconnecting and connecting occasions or tools such as the valve industry, folding bicycles, and baby carriages.Swivel bolts are convenient and quick to use, and they can be used with matching nuts to connect and tighten, and have a wide range of applications.

T-slot bolts

The fixing principle of the T-bolt is to use the wedge-shaped inclination to promote the frictional binding force of the expansion bolt to achieve the fixing effect. T-bolts are threaded at one end and taper at the other end. T-bolts are often used to fix electrical appliances in daily life.

Hexagon Cap Nut

As the name suggests, the hexagonal cap nut is a nut with a lid. The purpose of this lid is to prevent moisture from entering it, thereby preventing the nut from rusting. In daily life, you can see it on the tires of cars, tricycles, electric vehicles, or on the lamp stands of street lamps.

Carriage bolt

A type of fastener consisting of a head and a screw must be matched with a nut for the fastener to connect two parts with through holes. The carriage bolt is used in the slot, and the square neck is stuck in the slot during installation, which can prevent the bolt from rotating. The carriage bolt can move parallel in the slot, and can also play a role of anti-theft in the actual connection process.

Post time: Nov-18-2021